Kimbolton Flock Participates in Important Mastitus Research

The Kimbolton Flock is delighted to be one of the flocks that is participating in a milestone research project being conducted by the University of Warwick which is designed to further the understanding of intramammary infections (mastitis) in sheep.

This study is one of the first of its kind, particularly on meat sheep in Great Britain, the majority of previous studies have been based on dairy flocks in Europe. The results will show whether udder shape is heritable, and whether udder shape is linked to mastitis. In the long-term, it is hoped to use the information gained as an aid to decision making, leading to flocks with healthier udders and associated improvements on ewe and lamb performance.

The multi year project will see measurements and samples taken from the Kimbolton flock which will be subsequently analysed with the outcome of the study being published in late 2014.



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