Promising Results From First BLUP Run

The Kimbolton Flock looks well positioned with its 2014 lamb crop following the release of the results from the first run of the National Texel Breeding Evaluation.

Out of 115 lambs the average terminal sire index is 379 which is a result comfortably in the top 1% of the breed. In fact there were only two lambs outside the top 5%.

Included within these results are the 1st, 6th and 10th placed Ewe lambs plus the 4th, 5th and 7th placed Ram lambs.

Ultrasound scanning is set to take place in July which will provide additional data points and input into the next data run. This will have the effect of increasing the accuracy of the information as the initial run is based on parental data and also the birth and eight week weight data.

Whilst these results are very encouraging there is a long way to go before these animals mature and can breed. Like the financial markets their index can go down as well as up (or stay the same) but its a good starting point. Some sun and continued grass growth would be appreciated to help things along!

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