Kimbolton Sheep Achieve Great Results In The Second BLUP Run

The Kimbolton Flock is delighted with the results it has achieved in the second BLUP run of the year following Ultrasound and CT Scanning of its 2014 lamb crop.

Ram Lambs
The Flock has produced the 5th, 6th and 15th placed Ram Lambs in the breed with nine  animals being placed in the top forty.

Of particular note, following CT scanning PPK 1400440 recorded the second highest gigot score of all 2014 Ram lambs,

Ewe Lambs
The Flock has produced the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th placed Ewe Lambs in the breed with six animals placed in the top forty.

The 2014 lambs were sired by the following Rams
Avon Vale Real Deal
Cambwell Taurus
Wallington Special Brew (See Rams used page for pictures)
Alwent Untouchable

Speaking shortly after the results were published Paul Phillips said “2014 has been an exciting year for us as we continue to develop the genetics within our flock. This years breeding objectives have been quite specific;

  • Further improve muscle depth/gigot size
  • Move towards a positive EBV score for fat
  • Maintain or improve growth rates
  • Tidying up our easy lambing heads

In addition to tupping our home bred ewes we also selectively undertook some embryo transfer work using three proven donors (CNT 1100331GGH 1000201 and HMF 1000100) and we have been delighted with the results.

With tupping not far away now some important decisions have to be made so we can ensure that our 2015 lamb crop continues to build on this years achievements and momentum.”

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