Count Down to Lambing Begins!

With January almost behind us the count down to lambing for the Kimbolton Flock has begun with the first lambs due to be born on 17th February!

Sheds have been prepared, equipment cleaned and the ewes are getting their supplementary feed.

This pre lambing ration has been specially formulated to ensure that the needs of both mother and the unborn lamb are met as the majority of lamb development occurs in the last six weeks of pregnancy. The correct feeding at this time is essential as too much feed means big lambs (which can be difficult to lamb) and too little feed means smaller lambs (easier lambing) but not enough milk produced by the ewe.

We hope to repeat the success of last year which saw the ewes milking like never before and the lambs growing  very quickly during their first eight weeks of life when they are totally dependant on their mothers.  A good start sets them up well for the future.

The recent additions to the flock that were acquired from the East Middle and College sales are settling in well.

2015 in lamb ewe purchases

Pictured above from right to left are;

23 days to go before we see some lambs!…….

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