Lambing 2015

Valentines Day saw the official start of lambing for the flock this year and by the time you read this we will be making progress as our lambing is planned to happen over 19 days this year.

Lampic 2 Lampic 3

So far the lambs born have been bright and have got up and sucked quickly. The selection for ease of lambing is working with less interventions.

Lampic 1

We have had a few surprises including the one in the picture below who has become quite an internet sensation!

Lampic 4

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Further updates will be posted here as time (and sleep!) allow.

Lampic 5

Update – Lambing of our sheep finished as planned on 12th March, the only exception being the East Middle Ewe who we bought in lamb and she lambed  20th March. All over for another year – I’m off for a lay down!

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  1. Lambing of our ewes concluded on 12th March, however the East Middle Ewe that we purchased in lamb won the prize for the last to lamb producing a set of twins on 20th March

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