Lambing Underway!

Lambing began on 13th February (slightly earlier than the intended date of 17th February!) and the ewes are in full swing now. Due to the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) we synchronise the ewes to all come on heat at the same time, this means that we can lamb them within a concentrated period of time (typically 3 days) helping us plan labour and also meaning we don’t have to endure weeks and weeks with no sleep!  For this breeding season we achieved a hold rate of almost 80% which was fantastic. This means that the 20% who didn’t hold will lamb 17 days after the first batch as they have been caught by a sweeper ram.

The pictures below show a single and a set of triplets immediately after birth, straight out of the oven!

Lambing 1

We have been pleased with the lambs so far and we hope that they continue as they have started.

lambing 2

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