Lambs Growing Fast

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the lambs grow each year. Born on average weighing 5-6Kg they grow at anything up to 600g per day in exceptional cases.

It’s fantastic to see them bouncing around the shed whilst their mums are fed and it also gives a good indication that they are fit and healthy too allowing you to concentrate on the many other tasks that need to be undertaken. But they do like to sleep too!

Growing 4

A critical part of our breeding programme is to ensure that we select for growth and conformation as our customers want to buy sheep that can pass these traits onto their offspring. This year has so far produced some pleasing shapes with meat in all the right places as the pictures below show – not bad for three weeks old.

Growing 2Growing 3

Of course  we also try to ensure we retain Texel breed type too so we try to also ensure they are pretty too, in that way hopefully we can keep everyone happy!

Growing 1

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