Kimbolton Flock Performs Strongly In The First BLUP Run

We have received the results from the first BLUP run of the year (the run that produces the performance recording figures) and the flock has performed strongly producing the top ewe lamb (see last post) as well as a number of very high rated ram lambs.

This first run for the lambs is largely based on weight to 8 weeks of age (adjusted to 56 days) plus parentage information. It should therefore be considered a marker of a lambs performance however it is not until the data from ultrasound scanning and CT scanning are included that you get a rounded picture reflecting actual (rather than predicted) carcase information.

The most pleasing aspect for us is to see the Top Stock Sires list as this is the list that takes into account when a Ram has progeny on the ground. Rams from the Kimbolton flock make up 30% of the front page which is satisfying as most of these have been sold and it shows they are performing for their new owners.

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