CT Scanning Results Recieved

We were pleased to receive the results from CT scanning a selection of this years lambs on 4th July.

We find this data highly valuable as it accurately shows the internal composition of the lambs produced. When this information is combined with more traditional methods of selection (physical structure, type etc.) it allows informed breeding decisions to be made that ensure we continue to produce the kind of animals our commercial and pedigree customers want.

The information show here is raw data and needs to be considered carefully as some of the figures are not like for like comparisons (how many times have you heard people at sales boasting “its got 40mm muscle” or “the longest spine length yet measured”). Its only when this data has been converted into an EBV that it can be compared as this takes into account factors such as age, weight etc. This information will be available to us at the end of the month.

For the minimal additional cost (thanks to subsidies from the Texel Society and AHDB) it is a simple way for us to increase our business’s efficiency and I am looking forward to the day in the future when I will be able to DNA test my lambs and make keep or cull decisions based on health traits.

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