Lambing Is Over!

Lambing is always both an enjoyable and emotional time and this year was no exception, but it was also longer due to the decision that was taken to unsucessfully flush three ewes in 2018.

We started lambing on 21st February and carried on until 15th April which is considerably longer than the 19 days we usually strive to achieve. We were fortunate though to have had the additonal help of Molly Hobbs from the Elkstone Flock in the Cotswolds and this really helped move things along and ensure losses were as small as possible. Thank you Molly!

The weather was much kinder than 2018 and it was nice not to have had snow blowing in the buildings!

Each year you always have some comedy moments and one of this years included this ewe who wouldnt move when the shed was being bedded!

Well the grass is starting to slowly grow and the lambs are beginning to bounce which makes you think all the hard work is worth it.

Wont be long now until they have their eight week weights. How time flys when you are having fun!

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