Covid and lambing

With the UK wide lock down that came into effect today we are entering an unprecidented time and we wish everyone well. We would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for the NHS staff who are battling this demonic disease the like of which this country hasn’t seen for a century.

It is easy to get downbeat about the current situation but we will all need to remain positive and work together to come through this. Farming teaches you many things, but the most important lesson is resilience. This is gained by working hard despite many disappointments. These include not receiving a fair price for what you produce, working in the extremites of the British weather, plus coming to terms with the fact that despite your very best efforts your “best” animal always seems to die.

Despite all of that, the non financial rewards are significant. You get to work with nature in the most beautiful parts of the countryside. Plus in times like these, scenes like the one below fill you with hope for a new tomorrow. Stay safe people.

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