High Daily Live Weight Gains continue

One of the key breeding objectives we have is high growth rate.

Lamb prices fluctuate throughout the year with higher prices typcially paid around the April/May period. As a result our commercial customers wish to ensure they can sell more lambs at the higher price and to do this they only really have two options.

  1. Lamb earlier – however this brings with it extra costs for housing and feeding.
  2. Use carefully selected genetics to produce lambs that grow more quickly.

Option 2 is the most cost effective and proven and using the right genetics can help significantly boost slaughter lamb growth rates.

The best of our pedigree and cross bred lambs this year have achieved Daily Live Weight Gains (DLWG) in excess of 500g/day with the mob overall averaging 350g/day (this includes the stragglers).

Please contact us if this is something that is of interest.

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