Cap – a tribute

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that sadly CAP died today aged thirteen and a half.

He has been an intrinsic part of the family and flock since we were lucky enought to buy him from our neighbour Derek Lloyd (who in his lifetime won the National twice).

CAP was a rare blend of a family dog and a determined and capable worker who didnt take any nonsense from the sheep. He would move the largest of Rams or the smallest of lambs all with care and compassion. Many visitors have commented on him when they came to look at the sheep as he quickly got them rounded up and under control without the need for hurdles!

He was one of those rare dogs who would do what ever you asked of him and the bond that was created between us was truly special. 100% loyal and dependable you have been my dog of a lifetime.

Thank you CAP, rest peacefully, I hope we get to meet again.

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