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The Kimbolton flock has been collecting flock data for over twenty years and this information is used to inform breeding decisions and goals. We view this as a vital way to ensure the animals we breed perform with their new owners to make commercial lamb production as smooth and predictable as possible.

Today this is a key factor in ensuring profitability and as we move into a world where there will likely be taxes introduced on CO2 and equivalents, the time is right to futureproof your business by using the right genetics.

It is therefore pleasing to see the results of the latest genetic evaluation which shows the Kimbolton flock leading the way for key commercial traits of interest.

Kimbolton Gigantic is currently the top Terminal Index ram lamb in 2023 with a value of £11.43 which means that using him will provide £11.43 profit per lamb more than the average Texel would have in 2010. Assuming that 100 lambs per year were produced over 3 years this would represent almost £3,500 in additional lamb value compared to using an “average” alternative. Gigantic will be offered for sale at the English National Sale at Worcester on 29th August 2023.

If you are looking to select for specific sub traits that make up the overall Terminal or Replacement indexes then Kimbolton genetics also lead the way here too.

In both the Terminal and Replacement sub indexes:

PPK2301221 leads the growth sub index

PPK2301211 leads the carcass sub index

Of course we understand that being number 1 in evaluations isn’t the only objective, but it is pleasing to see that it is possible to combine structurally sound and functional sheep that also perform well when independently evaluated against other flocks. As Paul says “using data, the latest technology and evaluations is more profitable than being judged at a show. Profit is sanity, winning rosettes is vanity!”

If you are interested in knowing more about how our genetics could help your business, get in touch!

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