Lambing Concludes for 2024

Lambing 2024 will be remembered for appalling weather, flooding and schmallenberg but out of all of the dark and sadness new life appeared and thrived which helped to lighten the mood.

The ewes remained outside in the poor conditions until four weeks before lambing. When housed they really appreciated getting out of the weather and being on some dry bedding. At times it felt like they were in an Ark!

Rain rain go away!

Overall ewes lambed easily and milked well, so far there has been very little mastitis which considering the weather is pleasing. Perhaps the benefits from culling hard and keeping a younger flock are beginning to come through.

It is a massive help when you are busy that you don’t have to spend time with “problem ewes”. We found historically that its usually when you are messing about with one that you suddenly remember it had an issue the previous year. To prevent this, we now record issues and mark the sheep to cull at the time and don’t change our minds at weaning time when they look great because they haven’t reared a lamb!

Unassisted lambing is what we love!

The February born lambs are all out with their mothers and have been battered by the continued rain. However despite everything we trust our genetics and you can start to see the cream floating to the top even with the odds stacked against them.

We hope for kinder weather and even perhaps some sun, it would help things greatly.

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