For Sale List Added

Visit our” For Sale” page to find a list of our stock for sale.

As always, we advise contacting Paul to arrange a visit to view the sheep with no obligation to purchase. This offers an invaluable way to see the commercial system they are produced in and provides an opportunity to discuss your breeding goals to ensure you consider the right sheep for your needs.

It is becoming clearer that there is a huge difference in the genetics of “high maintenance/high cost” show type Texel’s and Texel’s that will drive profit to your bottom line if you produce fat lambs.

Our focus has, and always will be, on ensuring our customers can focus on their bottom line by using genetics that provide natural growth, carcass and other commercially important traits.

Why fight nature when you can work with it to produce great results? We have done the hard work in selecting the right genetics, which reduces risk in your buying decisions.

If you want to earn more profit per lamb, contact us today.

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