About Us

The Kimbolton Texel flock was founded in 2008 with foundation Ewes being purchased from Caereinion, Kingsland, Loosebeare, Muiresk, and Peacehay flocks.

Right from the start our breeding objectives were to produce long, correct animals with tight skins who’s lambs go on to quickly produce as much lean meat as possible.

The introduction of performance recording in 2009 provided us with the ability to accurately measure the progress we were making and to benchmark our sheep against other Texel flocks Nationally.

Careful Ram selection, retention of only the  best home bred females each year along with the selective purchase of further Ewes from Drinkstone, Ettrick, Grey Peel and Tweed flocks have positioned the flock in the Top 1% of the breed nationally.

For those of you who like data to back this up, the chart below details the genetic gains recorded.

We continue to build a following of regular customers who have enjoyed success with the animals they have purchased and our intention is to develop and improve the flock further providing the favourable breeding traits that have real value for our customers be they commercial producers or pedigree breeders.

Our preference is to sell privately off farm as we feel it is important to see the system the animals are produced in, however we also sell at the National and Club sales too. We also have gained experience in export sales so what ever your requirements feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Pedigree Performance Recorded Texel Sheep


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